Modern Izakaya with time-honored recipes.

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It's Nice To Meet You.

Owner Keisuke Kobayashi & head chef Koichi Hamma

Owner Keisuke Kobayashi & head chef Koichi Hamma


The Beginning

Born and raised in the Hokkaido prefecture, owner Keisuke Kobayashi came to Seattle in 2006 as a student. His heart led him back to his hometown of Sapporo with a dream to one day return to the Emerald City and bring back valuable tenets of Japanese culture. While back home, Keisuke learned his most valuable lesson through food service: prepare with your heart. Serve with your soul.


The First Venture

In 2012, Keisuke actualized those lessons and that dream. With help from his lifelong friend and culinary expert Koichi Homma (and of course his wife Yoshie), Yoroshiku was born. Since 2012, the traditional Japanese restaurant became a destination for foodies and families alike.


A New Challenge


5 years and many accolades later, Yoroshiku would evolve. An expansion of space saw the restaurant double in size and refocus to a traditional and modern izakaya style. With it, Keisuke and company hopes to break the dated notion of Japanese cuisine; it's more than sushi and teriyaki. Yoroshiku prepares from the heart, and serves from the soul.